Saflex™ Horizon Vision

Enhanced visibility in ADAS and HUD

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Saflex™ Horizon LVID

Advanced interlayer solution for larger field of view and augmented reality head-up display systems.

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autosound demo

Saflex™ Auto SoundDemo

Acoustic PVB performance simulator for automotive

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Saflex™ E Series: A Quiet Revolution is Happening Now

Improve Your Driving Experience

Saflex™ Solar Connect

Cool and Connected

Saflex Horizon advanced PVB interlayers

As head-up display (HUD) technology advances, the mobility industry needs an automotive advanced interlayer application that can keep up and move brands forward—a solution like Saflex Horizon laminated glass interlayers.

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Enhancing EVs with Saflex PVB Interlayers

The future of the automotive industry is electric. Nearly all major manufacturers have committed to increasing production and sales of electric vehicles (EVs). Some plan on phasing out gas-powered vehicles altogether.
Automotive designers can choose from an array of Saflex automotive advanced interlayers that meet the special needs Electric Vehicles bring to the market.

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Driving Performance Through Material Innovation

Eastman is trusted the world over for its commitment to improving driver and passenger safety, as well as elevating driving performance through innovation of new materials. Since 1937, Saflex® interlayer technology has become the gold standard in laminated glass. Automotive engineers and glass fabricators alike depend on the Saflex brand to provide quality products, reliable service, and expert advice. Whether it’s fine-tuning the cabin ride, reducing solar glare, adding privacy and security, or creating a safer way to access technology while driving, we'll do everything possible to help you find solutions to your design needs.

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Driver Control Never Looked So Easy

Got a minute? Learn everything you should know about head-up display from its basic principles to the advancements in the technology.

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Re-defining Distinction with Color

With Saflex® Color PVB interlayers, style is only half the story. High performance benefits such as solar protection, light transmittance, acoustics, privacy, and security are also part of the package.


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We’ve Got Your Back

Eastman offers a variety of Saflex® PVB interlayers for your automotive needs. If you need help determining which product is right for your project, or have any questions about the product, benefits, or installation, we’re here to help!

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