Windows of opportunity for greater sustainability

As a world leader in polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer manufacturing and development, Eastman will continue to innovate our portfolio to meet the needs of the laminating industry with products that offer superior processing, performance, and durability.

Our goal is to maintain our high-quality standards while increasing sustainable opportunities for our partners and customers.
We want to be the sustainable, collaborative, and innovative partner of choice across the entire value chain.

As such, we are committed to proactively learning about, developing, and advocating sustainable laminated glass solutions that enable more environmentally friendly buildings and vehicles.

Enabling low environmental footprint of laminated glass


Beginning of life—design for sustainability

  • Collaborate with sustainable suppliers and partners
  • Evaluate local, renewable, or recycled ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and are compliant to regulatory requirements
    - Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health Certificate, REACH, and EPA compliance
  • Design interlayers for recyclability and disassembly to enable a circular economy

Operational footprint

  • Optimize environmental footprint of Saflex® PVB with lower energy use and water use and reduced waste generation
    - Thirty-party verified life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Safe and environmentally sound chemical use
    - Cradle to Cradle Gold level Material Health Certificate, REACH, and EPA compliance
  • Safe presence of particles and compounds
    - Assessed according to norm EN 16516 by an accredited third-party laboratory
  • Use of renewable energy sources

Back to life—recycle and reuse

  • Saflex take-back programs from our customers (postindustrial) to recycle using different technologies
  • Reuse in Saflex production process without any trade-off on performance
  • Reuse of post-consumer PVB in non-glazing applications
  • Advance recycling technologies for post-consumer PVB and activate partnerships across the value chain to support take-back programs.

Enabling sustainable buildings and cars

  • Increase energy efficiency as well as comfort and wellness through solutions enabling improved acoustic and solar control performance
    - Saflex high-performance interlayer solutions for architecture and automotive
  • Protect people and property from increased climate change events through hurricane/storm architectural solutions
    - Saflex Storm PVB interlayers
  • Protect biodiversity through bird-friendly solutions
    - Saflex FlySafe™ 3D PVB interlayers
Electric Vehicles
Enhancing EVs with Saflex® PVB Interlayers