Saflex™ Horizon advanced PVB interlayers

Your brand. Beyond.

As head-up display (HUD) technology advances, the mobility industry needs an automotive advanced interlayer application that can keep up and move brands forward—a solution like Saflex Horizon laminated glass interlayers.

Ideal for next generation head-up displays, the Saflex Horizon product family of laminated glass interlayer films for automobiles establishes new image quality and distance standards.

A vista of possibilities

HUD is quickly moving beyond 2D and virtual image distances of merely three meters. With emerging HUD capabilities, drivers will be able to see what lies further ahead.

Saflex Horizon advanced interlayer solutions will include a broad range of innovative products to support the automotive industry in developing the next generation of HUD and display-on-glass systems. Saflex Horizon will ultimately allow a more comfortable and immersive driving experience, faster reaction time, and safer driving.

What can advanced laminated glass interlayer properties bring to the next automotive line? New functionalities, design freedom, and a brand reputation for going beyond expectations.

A commitment for down the road

Eastman has a long history in HUD technology, helping to pioneer the development of HUD interlayers more than 20 years ago. And we continue to innovate and collaborate with OEMs and glass laminators. Together, we can change the way drivers view the road ahead.

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