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Saflex® E Series Acoustic Interlayer

Your Car, Your Sanctuary

Acoustics play an important role in the vehicle cabin experience — less noise helps lower the stress of driving, reduce fatigue, and enable easier conversations between drivers and passengers.

The use of hands-free devices such as Bluetooth, navigation systems, voice-activated commands, and on-demand audio are all essential components of the driving experience and features that consumers expect in modern vehicles.

With Saflex® E Series, a new enhanced acoustic interlayer for automotive laminated glass, improved cabin comfort and connectivity are more attainable than ever. The new Saflex E Series acoustic PVB interlayer is specially formulated to dampen sound by 2dB in the high frequencies (critical wind noise region is 5,000 to 10,000 Hz), more effectively than traditional acoustic interlayers.

TranquilGlass™ Technology

Eastman has leveraged its patented resin and plasticizer technology platforms to formulate a unique viscoelastic core layer called TranquilGlass. TranquilGlass allows the glass-interlayer system to effectively dissipate noise vibrations while maintaining the safety benefits expected from laminated glass. As a result, overall acoustic performance is improved, especially in the critical wind noise region.

With a more balanced cabin noise profile and exceptional sound damping properties in the high-frequency range, Saflex E Series featuring TranquilGlass is a key element of any premium cabin acoustic package. Consumers will notice the difference of a much quieter vehicle cabin with Saflex E series enhanced noise reduction technology.


These interlayers are also available in solar heat (IR) blocking, gradient band, colors, and head-up display (HUD) compatible formulations.


Windscreen, Front Side Window

Product Benefits:

  • Improves acoustic comfort: Reduces noise levels by 4.5 dB (1,000 to 5,000 Hz) vs. standard laminated glass and by 2 dB in the critical wind noise region (5,000 to 10,000 Hz) vs. traditional acoustic glazing
  • Reduces weight: Enables the use of thinner glass configurations with minimal compromise to cabin acoustics
  • Provides UV protection: Blocks more than 96 percent of harmful UV radiation
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Voice control technology and sound control

Enabling voice-activated device interaction by controlling distracting and irritating noise while reducing vehicle weight

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Acoustic PVB performance simulator for automotive

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