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Saflex® Color PVB

Where Style Meets Substance.

For OEM’s looking to amp up their brands, Saflex Color interlayers can re-define distinction.  With Saflex® Color PVB interlayers, glass laminators and car manufacturers can do it a shade better. Spot-on glass color consistency makes Saflex Color PVB interlayers a reliable choice for matching popular tint colors for automotive glazing — without traditional thickness and shape limitations. Stylish windscreens, side windows and sunroofs are at the designer’s fingertips, with choices ranging from on-trend greys to intriguing bronze, greens and blues.  

Don’t forget substance. Colored laminated glass can also deliver high performance benefits that create better brand experiences:  UV/solar control, glare reduction, optimal light transmittance, and enhanced sound control and safety.

Create a Better View with Color.

  • Standard color:  Bronze, green and blue are the most popular tinted glass colors. Designed especially for windscreen applications, they are a perfect fit for the automotive windshield replacement market.
  • Premium color:  Designed for all applications behind the B pillar, such as side windows and glass roofs, these interlayers exhibit lower light transmissions than windscreens and create greater passenger comfort, privacy, and security.
  • Custom color:  Expert consultation and distinctive color match capabilities through proprietary PVB interlayer technology enables automotive stylists, designers, and engineers to create automotive glass in almost any color.  Go bold, get noticed.

Saflex automotive PVB colors and applications

Shades of Grey.

Grey is one of the most popular colors in automotive glazing, from side windows to sunroofs. Our signature grey colors are specifically designed to work with your shade and privacy needs.



Windscreen, Side Window, Sunroof, Back Glass, Quarter Glass

Product Benefits:

  • Brand distinction: In front of the competition with endless color options
  • Occupant comfort: Controls visible light and glare while reducing heat
  • Acoustic comfort: Reduces exterior noise by up to 5 dB
  • Reduces Weight: Implements thinner, lighter glass
  • UV protection: Filters up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, protecting occupants and reducing interior fading
  • Safety and security: Protects occupants from accidental glass breakage while providing forced-entry resistance
  • Step-up options: Also available in solar heat-blocking and acoustic formulation
Saflex® Color PVB Brochure
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