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Saflex® Solar Connect

Windshields with multifunctional capabilities are a growing trend in the global automotive market. Being in the driver’s seat means total control with capabilities such as head-up displays (HUD) coupled with acoustic and solar features. 

Introducing Saflex® Solar Connect, our newest solar-absorbing interlayer that provides cabin comfort and connectivity in sensor-compatible and HUD windshields. We’ve developed the windshield of the future that can deliver for the cars of today.  

HUD technology helps you maintain your focus on the road while viewing critical data. Sensor technology is seamlessly enabled and acoustic and solar properties help you optimize cabin comfort.

Cool reasons to choose Saflex Solar Connect:

  • Heat reduction and cabin comfort
  • Sensor compatibility
  • Multiple product formulations
  • Ease of processing

Heat Reduction and Cabin Comfort

Saflex Solar Connect interlayer significantly reduces the transmission of the sun’s infrared (IR) radiation with minimal effect on visibility. This helps to lower interior temperatures and reduce the load on the vehicle’s HVAC system compared to traditional non-solar PVB configurations. Saflex Solar Connect uses a tri-layer construction, positioning an acoustic damping layer between the two solar-absorbing layers to improve cabin sound quality. These attributes are valuable in any vehicle, but are especially helpful in electric vehicles where lightweight glazing and reduced energy consumption by the HVAC system directly translate into vehicle range improvements.

And all Solar Connect interlayers offer traditional benefits of Saflex interlayers, including safety, security, and UV protection to laminated glass.

Enabling Sensor Compatability and Connectivity

With a greater demand for windshield capabilities, Saflex Solar Connect answers the call through compatibility with both infrared and radio frequency devices such as rain sensors, electronic toll readers, and ORBIS traffic systems. Moreover, because Saflex Solar Connect marries solar control with sensor capabilities, it is a strong alternative to metal-coated solar reflective technologies, which create the potential for electromagnetic interference with mobile devices, GPS and other transmitters within the vehicle.

Smart reasons to choose Saflex Solar Connect:

  • Rain sensor compatibility
  • Electronic toll reader friendly
  • Mobile device friendly
  • ORBIS compatibility

Ease of Processing

Saflex Solar Connect is an easy-to-adopt solution for improved windshield solar performance and a drop-in replacement in lamination processes optimized for acoustic PVB. Particularly for specialty windshield configurations, it is an easy way to add solar performance without the complexity of metal coating processes, bending of coated glass and laser ablation for sensor areas. As with standard Saflex products, Solar Connect also provides proper adhesion, durability, and impact safety performance.

Product Benefits:

  • Improves cabin comfort - Solar infrared rejection offers improved comfort
  • Improves acoustic comfort - Reduces exterior noise by up to 4.7 dB
  • Extends range for electric vehicles and reduces CO2 emissions for ICEs - Reduced load on air conditioner and provides opportunity to reduce glass thickness without compromise to cabin acoustics (weight savings resulting in lower fuel / energy consumption)
  • Provides UV protection - Blocks more than 96 percent of harmful UV radiation (Test method ISO 13837, 300-400nm)
Automotive function: 
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