On the road this summer? Saflex® PVB interlayers offer protection for your skin.

If a new vehicle and a summer road trip are in your plans, here’s a surprising health benefit your car can provide!

Saflex® PVB acts as the ultimate sunscreen, filtering out 96% to 99% of UV rays, protecting you and your family from the harmful damage from the sun’s rays. Many manufacturers now offer laminated side windows in their vehicles (it’s standard in front windshields for safety reasons).

Studies have shown that left-side skin cancers in the U.S. are more common because drivers’ faces and arms are left unprotected while driving (the reverse is true in countries where the driver sits on the right). For American drivers, UV exposure is five times greater on the left arm and 20 times greater on the left side of the face. This left-side sun exposure triggers sun damage, which can cause skin cancers, wrinkles, skin leathering, and premature age spots. Unsurprisingly, the more time you spend driving, the higher your risk of skin damage.*

When used in your side windows, Saflex solar and color PVB can act like a high-performance window tint that creates a more comfortable cabin environment. Plus, it can also add privacy and security while safeguarding the interior and personal valuables when darker colors are used. The lower interior temperature means less strain on the air conditioning to cool down the vehicle, and the lighter the load on the vehicle’s HVAC system, the better the fuel efficiency. Summer’s here! Stay safe!

*Sun esposure driving