Sound control

Enabling voice-activated device interaction by controlling distracting and irritating noise

The rapidly expanding role of speech and voice recognition technology in today’s cars is expected to create huge growth opportunities for OEMs. Effective sound control in the cabin is critical to the effective use of voice technology. The Saflex® E series PVB interlayer system dampens sounds from engines, wind, and road noises, making this acoustic interlayer our highest performing yet by reducing cabin noises by up to 2 dB over the 5,000–10,000 Hz frequency range versus standard acoustic glazing.

Reduced glass thicknesses to meet the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles

Reducing vehicle weight is paramount, and the Saflex® E series acoustic PVB interlayer plays a key role in helping to avoid some of the negative trade-offs that weight reduction typically involves. Normally, a reduction of glass thickness carries with it a significant acoustic penalty. For example, a 12% thickness reduction (2.1/2.1 mm vs. 2.1/1.6 mm) using standard acoustic interlayers reduces sound dampening by 1.5 dB in the high frequency range (5,000–10,000 Hz). With Eastman’s new enhanced acoustic interlayer, however, weight savings and comfort are no longer are mutually exclusive. This innovative PVB offers the ability to use thinner glass with minimal impact to cabin acoustics, helping make cars friendlier to both their passengers and the environment.

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