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Saflex® VIEW ST

How HUD works?

Head-up display explained: HUD principles, keep driver focused, HUD vs HDD, ...

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HUD Interlayer Resolves Driver Height Challenges

HUD (heads up display) systems are an effective method to help combat driver distraction. Today’s systems enhance the overall driving experience by allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and still view critical vehicle data. The Saflex® VIEW ST interlayer offers an advanced solution for the complex curved or steep angled windshields commonly used in trucks and SUVs.

One challenge with automotive HUD systems is projecting a well-focused image on the windshield. When the image is reflected through multiple layers of glass at an angle, visual distortion — commonly known as ghosting — can occur.

And while a larger number of automotive OEM platforms employ HUD systems, there are some limitations. Not every driver is the same height.

Conventional, single-angle HUD PVB solves ghosting for drivers at a nominal height, but may not meet levels needed for short or tall drivers. The problem becomes even more problematic in vehicles with a complex windshield curvature or steeper rake angle.

A Dynamic Wedge Interlayer for Complex Windshields

Eastman’s Saflex  VIEW ST is a next-generation interlayer that helps eliminate HUD ghosting in trucks and SUVs. VIEW ST’s wedge angle can be calculated and tailored to the HUD box. This increases the usable HUD zone for short and tall drivers, improving image clarity by minimizing ghosting.

For successful growth, HUD systems of today and tomorrow require innovation like the VIEW ST dynamic wedge interlayer.

Product Benefits:

  • Combats driver distraction from looking down
  • Provides critical vehicle data on windshield
  • Best suited trucks and SUVs with curved or steeper-raked windshields
  • Eliminates HUD ghosting in complex curved and steeper-raked windshields
  • Increases usable HUD zone for short and tall drivers
  • Improves image clarity by minimizing ghosting
  • Compatible with other Eastman PBV technologies addressing safety, security, acoustics, and more
Automotive function: 
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How HUD works?

Head-up display explained: HUD principles, keep driver focused, HUD vs HDD, ...

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