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Saflex® S Series

Full sun. No sweat.

Saflex® S Series solar-absorbing interlayers blocks solar heat and UV radiation transmitted through a vehicle’s glazing, so driver and passengers won’t break a sweat.

This advanced automotive solar control interlayer is an easy drop-in solution with a positive chain reaction:

  • lowers interior temperatures quickly
  • minimizes strain on the vehicle’s air conditioner
  • improves fuel efficiency

All while optimizing occupant visibility.

High marks on energy savings

Testing conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined that a windscreen made using the Saflex S interlayers  can reduce cabin temperatures up to 5°C (9°F). This translates to a potential four percent reduction in air conditioning power versus a conventional windscreen. That reduction in air conditioning translates to a fuel efficiency improvement greater than one percent.

On a per vehicle basis, these improvements are excellent.  Across an entire fleet of vehicles, the impact can be astounding.  



Reduce infrared waves

Wavelengths from the sun called Infrared (IR) light are responsible for generating excessive heat in vehicle interiors. Compared to windscreens made with standard interlayers, Saflex S series solar-absorbing interlayers provide measurable heat reduction in the passenger cabin of stopped or slow-moving vehicles by absorbing the heat-causing IR rays without compromising visibility.  

S Series products use more effective nano-particles for solar absorbing. They provide the best solar absorbing performance in the market and are best suited for side and back windows, and sun roofs. Due to the broad absorbance spectrum, S series products might not compatible with selected IR sensors. Please contact your representative for more information. Saflex® Solar Connect is the standard choice for windscreen applications because they allow the freedom for sensor use in conjunction with a solar product.

Product Benefits:

  • Increases fuel efficiency: Lower cabin heat reduces use of air conditioner, resulting in lower fuel consumption
  • Reduces Weight: Decreased air conditioner usage allows ability for smaller A/C system units
  • Reduces CO2 emissions: Improved fuel efficiency helps meet U.S. EPA targets
  • Signal enabling: No electromagnetic interference for mobile devices
  • Added acoustic comfort: Can be combined with Saflex® Acoustic interlayers, reducing exterior noise by up to 5 dB
  • Compatible with color: Can be combined with Saflex® Colors
  • UV protection: Blocks more than 99 percent of harmful UV radiation
  • Improves cabin comfort: Lower interior vehicle temperatures


Frost & Sullivan 2012 New Product Innovation Award for Automotive Glazing Materials

Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, marking the first and only time an automotive-grade PVB has been recognized for its ability to block +99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation.

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