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Saflex® HUD

How HUD works?

​​Head-up display explained: HUD principles, keep driver focused, HUD vs HDD, ...

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Forward-Looking Innovation

Driver control is looking ahead in the automotive industry. Head-Up Display (HUD) technology, once reserved for fighter jets and luxury cars, is now available due to advances in polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers.

HUD technology enhances the overall driving experience by allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and still be able to view critical vehicle data.
Traditional PVB interlayers have a flat uniform surface. Using a proprietary process, Saflex® HUD interlayers feature nonparallel surfaces to create a windscreen that provides better optical correction. This has resulted in the highest quality projected image in the market (see image below for illustration).


A Pioneer in Head-Up Display

OEMs and glass laminators trust Saflex HUD to be the best. We helped pioneer the development of HUD interlayers more than 20 years ago. Working jointly with HUD channel partners provides us with a robust understanding of how to enable best-in-class HUD optics performance and ensure the smooth launch of each HUD vehicle program.
Saflex HUD interlayer technology provides automotive engineers cost-effective, easy-to-implement HUD features. Saflex HUD products deliver this high quality while also decreasing cabin noise, reducing vehicle weight, improving gas mileage, and lowering CO2 emissions.
Saflex provides a variety of HUD products to suit any make and model’s unique image requirements:

  • Saflex HUD
  • Saflex QHUD (acoustic HUD)
  • Saflex VIEW ST — made specifically for complex windscreens to fix short/tall image

Saflex® QHUD - Same Benefits. Even Better Acoustics.

Saflex® QHUD is an enhanced acoustic PVB interlayer that provides all the benefits of Head-Up Display technology with even better acoustics. The noise level within the cabin is reduced by up to 3 dB versus a standard windscreen and up to 5 dB compared to tempered side windows. The selection of Saflex QHUD provides drivers with less sound distraction so they can keep a sharper focus on the road ahead.



Product Benefits:

  • Improves acoustic comfort: Reduces exterior noise by up to 3 dB
  • Reduces Weight: Implements thinner, lighter glass without increasing noise
  • Increases fuel efficiency: Lighter weight glass lowers fuel consumption
  • Reduces CO2 emissions: Improved fuel efficiency helps meet U.S. EPA targets
  • UV protection: Blocks more than 96 percent of harmful UV radiation
Saflex® Head-up Display
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How HUD works?

​​Head-up display explained: HUD principles, keep driver focused, HUD vs HDD, ...

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